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Refresher Course

Criteria for Taking a Refresher Course for Financial Advisory Practitioners

1. Those having passed the test for financial advisory practitioners are required to take a refresher course organized by the Investment Banking Club (IB Club) every two years, beginning the two years period from the 1st of January next year.

2. For the refresher course,  IB Club requires those having passed the test to complete 12 hours of training in total within every two years and to attend at least 80% of the lecture time of each subject. No testing is required. Subjects in which attendees must undergo training are grouped into three categories, as follows:

2.1) Rules and regulations relevant to performing duties as a Financial Advisor

2.2) Knowledge to enhance professional efficiency

2.3) Knowledge of newly emerging transactions

IB Club will announce training schedules from time to time.

3. Training in the following courses may be included as part of the three subjects: 

3.1) The regular FA 100/1- FA107 courses of the financial advisory courses administered by IB Club if IB Club views that their contents are substantially different from the previous courses attended by the attendees

3.2) Any training course relevant to performing duties as a Financial Advisor organized by the Association of Thai Securities Companies  

3.3) Other training courses relevant to performing duties as a Financial Advisor and related to Capital Market organized by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, The Thai Bond Market Association, Investment Analysts Association,  Federation of Accounting Professions, Thai lested Companies Association, Association of Investment Management Companies. Prior to organizing the courses, the organizers must submit letter requesting approval from IB Club and IB Club will notify the results within 30 days after receiving complete information.

The Organizers must provide evidence to IB Club before the date on which the attendee’s certificate expires stating that he or she has attended training in an approved subject in 3.3)

4. Those who unable to attend a refresher course within the prescribed period due to certain reasons or necessities may request to extend the period required to take a refresher course for another six months by writing to explain the reasons or necessities to IB Club to seek advance approval, given that he or she must complete the refresher course for no less than 9 hours 

5. Those who does not attend the refresher course or fail to complete the 12 hours refresher course within the required period and his or her certificate is expired for no less than 1 year will be allowed to take the test for the major FA subjects including. 

SubjectTesting Time (minutes)Points
FA 103/1 Issuance and Offering of Securities-Equity Instruments 16560
FA 103/2 Issuance and Offering of Securities-Debt Instruments 6025
FA 105 Mergers and Acquisition 15030
FA 106 Information Disclosure 12045

Passing Criteria

Candidates must receive an overall score of 60 percent (or 96 points) or above out of a total of 160 points.

Remedial Exam Criteria

Candidates who do not pass the exam the first time are applicable to take remedial exam 3 times in a row. Candidates must take the remedial exam at the next exam date after the exam results are known, for example, those who do not pass the 1st exam in 2024 will have to take the remedial exam in the 2nd exam in 2024.

And if candidates are unable to pass the exam, they will have two more opportunities to take the 1st exam in 2025 and 2nd exam in 2025, those who need to retake multiple subjects can request to retake the exam gradually. However, they must pass the remedial exam for all subjects within the specified period.

How to take the remedial exam

For those who do not pass the exam according to the exam criteria, IB Club will inform which subjects received a score lower than 60 percent of the full score in that subject. Candidates are required to retake only the exam for the subjects in which they failed, and the pass mark is 60% of each subject.

(This criteria is effective from 15 September 2022 onwards)

Examination (for Refresher Course training certificate has expired within 1 year)

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